Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Reminicence or cheap fake?

All my posts lately have a common theme as it turns out: Copys, Clones and Replicas of sculptures.

The example today shows how artists are copied. The first is the original. It's a sculpture in the arcades of the main building. Please note especially the face of the woman and the poppies in her hand:

Here's the obvious copy, found in Bielefeld, Johannis-Cemetery:

But when i say copy i'm quite wrong. Clearly the artist of the sculpture in Bielefeld was inspired by the original in Staglieno but it's not a copy because there are siginificant differencies between the two: First and foremost the "copy" isn't that detailled. You'll see it if you compare the hair.

The face is slightly different, too: She's got a closed mouth on the copy and the expression on the original sculpture is more grieving and even on the edge of despair rather than the mourning face on the Bielefeld version (at least in my opinion).

I found the second example in Hanover, Stöcken Cemetery:

This sculpture is clearly not intended to be a copy but it's full of similarities: The general stance of the sculpture and the flower in the hand (though this time a rose).  The clothing is quite similar, too.

On the other hand: The wall is missing and the material is completely different. This one here is made out of copper unless i'm totally mistaken.

It is more inspired by the sculpture in Bielefeld rather than the one at Staglieno (i'd even risk a bet that the artist only knew the Bielefeld sculpture), but still it resembles strongly of the original.

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