Monday, 7 March 2011

Cemtery Hannover Stöcken: A Jewel, as it turns out...

Last Friday i had the opportunity to visit the Cemtery in Stöcken, Hannover. And it was a magnificent visit. I'm always keeping low expectations to my visits, especially when it comes to the ones around here. But boy, was i in for a surprise: It is one of the best cemeteries i've visited so far and certainly the best around here!

And since i was very early there (about half past eight in the morning) it was an incredible light from the morning sun available. At least for the first hour. Unfortunatly later it became a bit foggy but it didn't spoil it (much)..

In fact, i made such a huge amount of pictures that one entry on this blog would't do it justice. So i'll do at least 2 or maybe 3 entries about it.

Enough words of praise here: let's get straight to the pictures:

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  1. I have relatives buried there (as I just found out but do not know whether they have tombstones, etc. Is there an organization that keeps track of individual names/records of burials, like on in the USA?