Sunday, 6 March 2011

Cemeteries around my County: The Cemetery Gütersloh

Last week my wife and me got the chance to visit the Cemetery in Gütersloh while our son had to play a football match.

It is  a fairly big cemetery and it is divided into a protestant, and a catholic part (and a small muslim part as well). It was a good proof for my theory that catholic cemteries are much more interesting and have what i call a sense for beauty.

The protestant part was mostly dreary headstones with barely anything on them that makes them remarkable; the catholic on the other hand were often accompanied by statues of the holy mother which was like an ever going on theme around the catholic part:

Cemetery Gütersloh

Cemetery Gütersloh

Cemetery Gütersloh

So much for the catholic part. When i said that the protestant part was dreary and boring i was right. But not entirely. There were some oddities i'd like to show you. The first one was on a headstone and even when it's nowhere near being beautiful it's at least interesting:

The next one is plain weird: I wonder why in the name of all that's holy would someone have a portrait like this on his (or her) headstone:

What i wonder about this one: Is this deliberate? Or is it meant to be a thing for good rememberance? Or  is it a cheap  laugh for the people who knew the deceased? Or was everybody blind?

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