Tuesday, 20 September 2011

What connects Stephen King with the Ramones?

I know, that's a simple one. But this isn't a quiz show and i was desperate for a snappy headline. And i failed miserably. Again.

Anyway, this post is quite unusual. It is about a cemetery, but it's not one you'd expect here:

One odd thing about it is the fact that this Cemetery is in Herford, Germany. The german term "Tierfriedhof" is there, too, but still it's a bit baffling that it is an international cemetery. I can only guess (it's an educated guess though) that this is because in Herford are quite a few barracks of the british forces and even today there are thousands of british soldiers and their family living here.

What is (at least in my opinion) very disturbing here is the fact that the amount of caring you see and the amount of grief you sense is here a lot stronger compared to "normal" cemeteries where humans lie.

It's called a Pet Cemetery, but i'd rather prefer "Dog Cemetery" since there are only dogs. No Cats, no rats, no birds not even a hamster. Just dogs.

Another rule i'm breaking today: Normally i avoid pictures with the name on the headstone. But since here they are (come on! it's true!) just animals i'll risk it.

The quality of the pictures is not that extraordinary, but that wasn't the point here. I'm merely documenting the graves.

Here we go: