Friday, 27 January 2012

Northern Cemetery Minden, Germany

My apologies. I admit i was lazy the last weeks and that was mainly because i didn't visit any cemtery for a long while.

Happily however my other Hobby (Geocaching) led me to a cemetery i've visited before (spring 2010 to be more precise): The Nordfriedhof in Minden.

It is quite near to my hometown and it is one of the better ones here around. Which isn't saying a lot.

However, there are some quite beautiful and/or interesting graves i'd like to show you:

This first one is a grave of  a teacher for fighter pilots; he obviously died during WW I.

Just look at that plane! Gosh, they were brave!

Here's the second one. A slightly aggressive looking Eagle that nicked a propellerblade.....
I wonder what profession this bloke had...

He wasn't an ornithologist, was he?

The third one is a bit odd: This female head just sticked out of the ground. I wonder if the rest of that sculpture is buried there, but i didn't look closer or even beginn to unearth her there. That's definetly a no-go on a cemtery, right? And i left my spade at home. It would look rather odd to walk around with a spade and a camera on a cemetery. Even on broad daylight..

But she is rather nice, isn't she?

The last mounument i'd like to show you is near the entrance. It is an astonishing piece of cemetery art for this part of the world and definetly not of the usual boring kind you usually find here.

Inscription says in Latin and German: "I was what you are, you will be what i am"

Detail of the skull:

And the last of that monument:

Here's an example why i'm such a big fan of italian Cemteries. You probably wonder what's that to do with this post about a cemetery in northern Germany, but bear with me:

Here's a sculpture of a lying woman on that very cemetery:

Nordfriedhof Minden

And here's a selection of lying women that i've found on italian Cemeteries:

Cimitero Monumentale, Milano

Staglieno, Genoa

Staglieno, Genoa

I know that's a bit unfair, but do you see my point?