Monday, 29 August 2011

Melaten Cemetery, Cologne

Last weekend was finally the chance for me to visit the famous "Melaten-Friedhof" (Melaten Cemetery) in Cologne. It's one of the most important cemeteries in Germany, being one of the first to have a park cemetery and having a vast collection of notable sculptures.

Since our hobby is Geocaching we did two birds with one stone: There is  a multistaged Geocache hidden there which took us on a tour around this beautyful spot.

See for yourself:

Part of a roof on a big mausoleum

Familiar Angel (seen in Hamburg and Hannover as well)

Astonishingly beautiful example

And another one. Trumpet down is quite common though. 

Twenties style. Not roaring but still twenties. 

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My favourite there. Can't say why, but there you are... 

The most famous sculpture there. Let me introduce you "old Nick". 

Old Nick again.

It's a bit of a shame that this one is the most famous one there since it's not my definition of beauty. And it's a bit disappointing, too when you actually get there. It's in a quite corner and surrounded by trees *very* nearby so you are really struggling to get a proper photograph of it since light is everything. You could help yourself with a tripod but i travelled without one. High Iso is the key but then you get high noise as well. So heavy editing and b/w is the solution.

And the really dissapointing thing about "Old Nick": The scythe is made of plastic. Ts.


  1. I think its a torch down, not a trumpet; Torch down means the end of life, the end of the vital fire...

  2. You are right about the meaning of a torch. But i'm regretting to say that you are wrong in this particular case.

    Actually it is indeed a trumpet. And it represents the day of judgment and/or the call to resurrection.

    And though the torch can be found more often the trumpet still is not extremly seldom.