Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cemetery Stöcken: Revisit

This is the last Post about my visit to Hannover. It will be fairly large because at the Stöcken Cemetery was the best weather that day and since it was the second time for me there i knew that ther'll be plenty of intersting or beautiful things to shoot...

So let's get straight to the pictures:

Entry and Chapel: Neogothic at it's best!

Back of the Chapel. 


Crazy texture of that sandstone. And not made for eternity  i guess....

How thick can someone get? Why vandalizing this? I'll never get used to things of that kind... 

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Hannover Ricklingen

Yeah. I know. I'm a bit of a lazy bastard. It's been quite a while since i've made one but today its right to post about the second cemetery i've visited in Hannover back in April.

It is the "Stadtfriedhof Ricklingen" (City Cemetery Ricklingen). Founded 1908 and containing about 30.000 (dead) people.

It does not contain very much monuments, statues or graves that meet my taste, but there are some gems nonetheless:

Detail of a beautiful angel
The same. This time more of a wideshot...

Tomb of the Mittenzwei Family: According to the booklet this is one of the very early statues of the Cemetery and it is a brilliant piece of art.

Tomb of the Mittenzwei Family

Very moving inscription. Here's a rough translation for all you non-german speaking folks:
"You Dead You Dead
What shall we do
Our life's golden path ended
in dread and night
Because man did too much
Because man thought too little"

Very funny inscription: "Life's not a  Gala-Dinner!"
 The last one is very unprofessional: Out of focus, underexposed and a really dreadful perspective. It made it into this entry because of it's funny inscription.

My excuse: It was very dreadful weather at that time: Quite a biblical downpour with thunder and lightning and all. So it was too dark, too wet and i'm not really fit for treats like this....