Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Johannis Cemetery Bielefeld -revisit-

It was a long time since i've actually visited a cemtery and that itself is a shame. But i was lucky yesterday, because the whole family (and a befriended one) went with me because we were out geocaching.

It happened that one multi-staged geocache is acutally located on the Johannis Cemetery in Bielefeld. And this Cemetery is my favourite within reach of my hometown.

While the others were searching for the hints for the cache i was looking around to take beautiful (or at least interesting) pictures. The Cemetery itself is not that huge, but there is still plenty of space for new graves. So at some places it is more than a park than a cemetery.

And it is a bit of a celebrity cemetery for all the rich and famous people that lived and died in Bielefeld. Not that many, though. Bielefeld is not that famous...

I found some nice examples of traditional cemetery sculptures there, but the more interesting ones are quite modern. They are not always beautiful but they are interesting.

Here's what i've done yesterday:

Fine example of beehive on a grave.

 This beauty is one of my favourite. She's a good example that modern art is not neccessarily ugly. Quite the opposite.

Another fine example of modern art


Art Deco, Detail on a huge Tombstone

The most modern Angel i've come across so far.

Male grief. Or practicing camouflage?

Bârad Dûr?

The beautiful Saccomanno-clone

The "original" is to be found in Staglieno, Genoa


  1. Fabulous photos, I have a friend who lives in Lage ~ not far from Bielefeld ~ and I shall ask her to make me there next time I visit.....

  2. ...and if she can't bother i'd be happy to show it to you instead!