Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Another Post about Brugge, Belgium

I've just recently browsed though my pictures and i spotted some interesting details about Brugge: The first visit was in January 2009. It was freezing cold but sunny so it was a good opportunity to make pictures that capture the gloom of the winter (which fits for the location).

The second visit was in April 2011 and it was unusually hot. Spring was all around, and you could sense that summer was not far away...

Here is a picture i've take in January 2009:

Heavy decay on statue 

This is the same statue in Spring 2011:

Where is all the moss gone?

Detail of the same Statue:



I bet that this happens every single year. I wasn't aware that the change of seasons does alter some sculptures in such a radical way.

To end this post i'd like to show you -again- the famous skull at the cemetery brugge. I took some pictures of it at the first visit, but i was never really satisfied with the results. I was new to the subject of photography and i made everything wrong...

This time though i was satisfied with the results and i'm ready to show you it without being embaressed....

And since wer're on the subject of skulls: Here are some details at one richly carved grave on the same cemetery:

They even thought of the scythe...


  1. Awesome ! love those mossy skull photos, where in Brugge is this ?

  2. Thank you very much for the compliments!

    The exact location is:


  3. It's also possible that the sculptures are cleaned every year :)

  4. Je me disais également que les statues sont peut être nettoyées
    Superbes photos.