Sunday, 20 March 2011

Cemetery Hannover Stöcken II

It's been a long time since i've posted something and there are several excuses i've got to offer: First of all i was a bit lazy to be honest. Secondly, when i wasn't i redesigned my database of cemetery pictures and i'm delighted to say that i'm nearly finished. Thirdly i was a bit lazy...

Anyway, enough of this: I'm here to show you some more pictures from the Hannover-Stöcken Cemetery:

This is a statue i've seen quite a lot at several cemeteries all over europe: A grieving woman leaning on a broken coloumn holding a floral wreath. The first time i've taken a picture of a statue like this was in Brugge, Belgium. The following two do have the floral motiv as well and it's a common code on cemeteries for that live doesn't end with the death.  (Sorry for the link: It's in german...)

These two are from the military section of the cemetery; to be precise here are the victims of the WW I. The second shows a detail of the grave of a fighter pilot.

This bird striked me quite odd. And since i'm not an ornithologist i can only guess what kind of bird that is. Surely looks like a vulture, but that would be strange indeed. So i'm fairly sure that this one is an eagle. More or less....

Just another beauty.

This is the road to nowhere. The morning mist was suddenly very heavy and the luck to take the pictures by stark sunlight was gone. However, this makes this one even more eerie and scary.

This last one shows an angel i've seen on other cemeteries as well. It's like meeting an old friend again.

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  1. I like these very much. Especially the left one of the two floral motifs. You have a good eye!