Thursday, 14 April 2011

Looking back to look forward: Brugge Cemetery 2009

This post a bit of a taster of things to expect over the next few weeks at this blog. Tomorrow we'll visit Belgium again and the revisit of the Brugge Cemetery is approved by the family council. The first visit of the cemetery in Bruxelles ist approved too so this is a week i'm really looking for.

The last months were -regarding cemeteries- quite dull (with the exception of the Stöcken Cemetery, Hannover),  but this will end from tomorrow on.

Here are three pictures from the last visit (January 2009):

Father and son

Jesus, light bondage?

a beginners mistake: Didn't i see the damned tree? It's ruining a -despite the trunk- good picture. Next week i'll make it better! Promised!

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