Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Jesus-Special in Brugge

My -presumably- last post for April is all about Jesus. This fits because easter is still in my mind. And easter is all about Jesus, isn't it?

It even fits better because i've revisited the Cemetery in Brugge again. As i mentioned before the last time i was there more than two years ago. It was January and obviously it was quite cold, grey and gloomy.

This year however it was unbelievably sunny and warm; spring was all about and though it was a cemetery it was literally buzzing with life.

This time we strolled around much more intense (we were geocaching there as well) and after 10 minutes on the Cemetery it was plain to see that this Cemetery has a main focus on Jesus. Enough of the words, here are the Pictures:

More or less "standard Jesus on the cross". There were plenty of them....

A detail of an odd iron cross rusting away slowly. There are hundreds of them there.

Bronze. Face. Even with tears.

This Jesus is unique. And it gives me the reason to tag "Angels" as wel...

Many Jesus-Miniatures are just laying on the stone Grave Lid and when they are made out of concrete they decay in a very gloomy way.

This is an example of a porcelain-Jesus. They don't decay, but they are obviously not indistructable. I seriously wonder who did this and what he felt when he did this. 

Another fine example. 

This was actually taken 1 day before good friday, so it was a fairly good timing.

Another example of mass production? 

Another porcelain miniature.

The last Jesus for today. 

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  1. The bronze is excellent. Great photos, Cousin!