Wednesday, 24 May 2023

Cimitero Maggiore di Padova

 I finally got around to visit the Main Cemetery in Padova. I've visited the City itself a couple of times but never the Cemetery itself.

There's not a lot of information available about it: Founded in 1881 (according to Sandra Berresford: A legacy of love -by the way an absolute Masterpiece!- ) or 1882 (Official Website).  It is a rather large cemetery but it is rather empty at the same time.

If you enter at the main entrance just tun right and you'll see about 90% of the interesting stuff compressed in a portico about 50 meters long.


  1. Pictures 21 and 22 caught my eye- an overturned open-topped automobile accident!

  2. True. One of the few examples that depict the actual cause of death. It is -according to Sandra Berresford- by Annibale de Lotto.

    The car crashed though a roadside barrier and killed 2 Women