Saturday, 9 February 2019

Cimitero Monumentale Milano Revisit Part 8

With a slight guilty feeling i realized i've left this blog more or less abandoned the last year. I'd like to change that and i'm beginning with the next part of my Milan Series.

And since i'm not really in the mood to write that much i'm getting straight to the pictures:

Is it just me or does it actually remind of Star Wars- The Clone Wars?

Some beautiful casing for a candle

Gorgeous Minature

Another one

This is a weird modern grave. But i really like it


Found the skull?


  1. Some beautiful monuments the modern grave sculpture reminds me of one in Reading by

  2. In my post about the cemetery (, some readers suggested that the sphere may be a work of Arnaldo Pomodoro. Seems to be similar.

    1. According to the official guide it is indeed by Amaldo Pomodoro. Date is 1969.