Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Cimitero Monumentale Milano: Revisit Part one

My first post about the Cimitero Monumentale in Milan is now nearly six years old. It was about time to revisit this gem again, especially since my first visit was during dreadful weather.

Well... This time it wasn't raining so that was better. It was still very cloudy so it wasn't perfect.

The cemetery itself is unbelievable. The sheer amount of monuments is overwhelming and you have to be prepared, organized and very disciplined. Plan a route and stick to it - otherwise you will get lost and wander around with no clue what you've seen and what you've missed. That alone is very hard: There are plenty of points where you are surrounded by sculptures and you could go in any direction and find dozens of sculptures... and when you get there you find another.. and another.. and soon you are lost and you don't know where you've came from....

Just to give you a picture of the amazingness: We took about 3.000 pictures on our holiday (two weeks in Italy). 1.500 of these were taken on this day in Milan. That's how amazing that cemetery is.

And -you've noticed that probably by now- i normally don't write a lot and let the pictures do the talking, but this time i cannot help it. I will show you a selection of the best pictures over the next few weeks so you can get a glimpse of what i've seen there.

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