Friday, 8 April 2016

Cimitero di Bergamo

We had the chance to visit the Cimitero di Bergamo on a lovely spring morning in March 2016.

We arrived by bus (since we had an appartment in the city of Bergamo itself - which is a gorgeous town by the way) and gaped at the front of this Cemetery... See for yourself:

My wife at the steps; just to get a picture how massive this is...

I was entering the Cemetery with my Camera hanging at my side and with my Backpack full of the other gear and immediatly a Guard said to me that only Panorama-Pictures are allowed. Which totally sucks. Especially when equipped with a tele lens (as my wife prefers). I nodded in a polite way and we went to take some panorama pictures of this gorgeous cemetery:

Panorama number one

Another Panorama. This time there is a bloody scultpure in the way.

Perfect Panorama except for the bloody sculpture

Last caption. The joke is getting a bit old...

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  1. Excellent series of photos. I'm glad you took notice of the guard like I would have