Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hamburg Ohlsdorf -revisit-

The last time in Hamburg Ohlsdorf was not *very* good. It was a tight schedule and it was ruined by a biblical downpour so that the amount of pictures i took there didn't do this cemetery any justice.

This time however it was not perfect (a slight drizzle and a dull grey sky) but it was not impossible.

Still we (my wife was again with me) couldn't see all of it. This cemetery is so huge that you honestly need a week to explore all. And it is a tiresome job since everything is so far apart. We stumbled around for about 3 hours and came up with some decent images.

Anyway, enough of the words and on to the picures...


  1. Beautiful photos, Martin! The grey skies certainly set a mood...well captured. Incredible statues there...

  2. Thank you, Denise!

    The grey sky was indeed good for the gloomy mood. But normally i'd rather have harsh sunlight to get more defined and dynamic shadows. But that's always the problem with me and Hamburg: It's almost never sunny when i'm there....

  3. Faszinierend, jedes Foto, jede Skulptur vom Feinsten!
    Gruß Karin

  4. Beautiful as ever stunning photos

  5. Hi, I enjoyed walking through your blog. Impressive pictures. Last weekend I tried also the first time to make some pictures of the cemetary pieces of art. I visited Aachen Ostfriedhof.

  6. These are some great pictures. Cemeteries are all different, some with more statues than gravestones. They are all strangely beautiful, though. Thanks for capturing this.

    Claire Reynolds ||

  7. Martin- your eyes are great for finding beautiful graves.