Monday, 2 December 2013

Prazeres Cemetery, Lisboa: Revisit

Bloody Hell!

It's half a year since i've done a post here so it is about high time to change that:

I've visited the Prazeres Cemetery in Lisboa again this October and i'd like to share some of the Pictures i've made there.

This post is all about Hourglasses since they pop up all over the place there. It begins with the entrance and they can be found nearly everywhere on this amazing cemetery.

This time i was lucky with the light since it was sunny all day. Last time it was overcast and the shadows were -in my opinion- a bit too soft.

Enough of the words:

A classic one. On top of a Crypt.

Left corner of the entrance

Note the delicacy of the bones!

The Bats have left the Bell-Tower (Quote from Bauhaus)


  1. Beautiful photos, I'll have to look out for hour glasses now

  2. great pictures.different kinds of cemeteries are shown in there and each one of them is beautifull