Saturday, 6 April 2013

Cimitero Monumentale Torino

This post requires an explanation because it is the hardest post i've ever done.

Last October we visited the Cimitero Monumentale Torino. On a friday. And it began to go horribly wrong...

We began to unpack our equipment but were soon stopped by a policeman who pointed at a sign (which we didn't see before). The sign clearly depicted a crossed out camera... What now? That was a situation we've never faced in Italia before. The policeman lead us to the office and the staff, however nice and friendly they were couldn't really help us.

It turned out that photography is only allowed on mondays as a part of an official guided tour. That was very unfortunate because we wouldn't be in Torino anymore on the next monday... And since it was a guided tour you don't get the time you need to take proper pictures.

So we begged and smiled a lot and lo! We were given a form to fill out and then we were handed some tags that showed that we are allowed to take pictures. The downside however was that we could only make pictures for private purpose only. No commercial use and no publishing whatsoever. And that isn't very helpful for this blog.

So the following weeks i had several conversations via email and other communication-channels and finally (with the big help of Mauro Felicori, the Head of the Economy and Promotion Department of Bologna Municipality and a personal friend of the director of the Cemetery : Mille grazie, Amico!) i got the permission to show the pictures i've made there.



  1. Some stunning photos you have taken there.

  2. Very beautiful ! I would be interested to know what catastrophe the bureaucracy feared when allowing you to take these splendid pictures.

  3. Cemeteries are places where the public 'are allowed' to be, so it is puerile and pedantic to even suggest a rule stating when you can and cannot take photographs. So long as we are not causing distress to the bereaved and they have no objection to their loved ones monuments being recorded on film, then what is all the fuss about.
    Martin your photos are beautiful and I would love to have my memorial included in your blog ~ only not too soon I hope......


  4. Your second paragraph makes me smile. That is some nice thing to say. I'm flattered!