Tuesday, 13 March 2012

An experiment of mine: Am i the new Ed Wood or is it not that bad?

Since this is supposed to be a blog about Photos you will be in for a surprise this time:

I made a Video! With Sound!

But when you look at it you'll realize that it is nothing more but  a slideshow with some decent and (in my opinion at least) fitting soundtrack.

See for yourself:


  1. i would like to use your hauntingly bautiful images on pinterest, may i?

  2. Hi Kate,

    please feel free to link me there.

  3. Martin this video is absolutely superb and it inspires me to give it a go too...
    I always scurry off out of the cemetery gate when it starts to rain, but I shall not be doing that in future, the rain drops look like tears and the reflections are stunning
    Your pictures are truly Amazing.....

    1. Thank you very much! Comments like this make me go on....

      And yes: Rain definetly makes it interesting. Just take care of your equipment!