Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Cemetery La Spezia

The third cemetery i've visited during my stay in Italy was the cemetery in La Spezia.

It's a beautiful cemetery and (compared to Staglieno in Genoa or Monumentale in Milano) rather small. The center of the cemetery is a hill with the huge chapel on top and around the hill there are hundreds and hundreds of tombs, graves and sculptures.

It has however some extraordinary beautiful sculptures to offer:

This is a nice B/W picture that captured the moment of mourning quite convincing.

This angel is one of my favorites though. It is, however, quite similar to the ones you'll find on cemteries in England. She is certanly a  beauty but  in an angelic way rather than a female way. And the wings are stunning.

 Here's another example of a well crafted image of grief.
This last image for today shows the occasional artifical flower that can be found on numerous graves there. This particular one lay on a gravel path between the pines.

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