Sunday, 30 January 2011

It's been a long, long time....

...that i've mentioned in my blog that i've taken some interesting pictures in my hometown but wasn't allowed to show you them because i never got the permission to do so.

That was because the organisation behind the cemeteries here is the only one which prohibits taking pictures there. This is quite bizarre because the only spot where i couldn't take pictures for this ...well let's call it hobby, strange as it is... was my hometown!

Last may though i requested to do so and since i was the first to do that i had to invent a application form for this myself. I solemny swore that i never would take pictures there to make any kind of money whith them and included the promise that no actual names of the dead would be visible.

But still they didn't answer until last week. I got the permission orally. Which isn't very satisfiying. Still: I'm taking the chance to publish them here and now and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i'm not going to earn money with them....

A warning though: The cemeteries in my hometown are small. And protestant. So don't expect anything extraordinary. The love for beauty and for style is not a protestant thing. They rather go for simple and dreary things. Still there are some gems i'd like to show you:

The inscription reads as follows: " The only Paradise from which we cannot be expelled is the Memory."
It's only a rather small pebble but it is more moving to me than some of the great tombs i've seen so far.

Here's the best sculpture i've seen on a Cemetery in Bad Oeynhausen: It's a good example of northern cemetery art showing the broken coloumn (which is found on nearly every cemetery i've seen so far) and a lady looking rather gloom and unhappy (which is not really surprising since it's a grave).

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