Monday, 4 October 2010

Sunset this morning

This morning gave us a spectacular sunset. The colour of the sky was just breathtaking and so i took my camera and set off to work this morning. I stopped at a small cemetery on my way and took this picture.

The cemetery itself is breathtaking, too. But in a more negative way: It is one of the most dreadful ones i've ever seen (and i've seen a lot - if you believe...). It is situated near a busy highway and that's the most positive thing to say about it. Which is nothing, come to think of it. There are no beautiful trees around to speak of, the headstones are dull and dreadful. There's a sad distance and interchangebility between the headstones, nothing personal to speak of apart from the names and the dates carved on them. They are erected in lines and rows and paths obviously planned by a bloke with a passion for rulers and 90-degree-angles. No surprises for the visitor here. Even Stevie Wonder couldn't get lost here.
 In short: It's like the most cemeteries here in northern Germany (at least on a small-town-level) but even worse. I really pity the people buried here.

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