Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A Trip to Hamburg -Part I-

Hamburg Ohlsdorf

Yesterday we went to Hamburg to visit some of the cemteries there. This trip was my birthday present from a very dear person to me and this present means really a lot to me.

We were really looking forward to this trip, because we both love cemeteries and the atmosphere you usually find there: calmness, peace and quiteness.

We began at the Olsdorf Cemetery, the largest non-military Cemetery in the world. At first we were facing a mild drizzle (not the kind of weather that can stop us) which changed finally to a biblic dowonpour (which was capable of stopping us)...

We retreated to a bus shelter and waited for better weather which eventually arrived. But since it was still raining we aborted our visit at Ohlsdorf and went to the next one.

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