Saturday, 29 May 2010

Abandoned Jewish Cemetery

I guess this is my last post for May so i'm posting something quite different:

I visited an old abandoned jewish cemetery today. The site itself is quite small and most of the tombstones are quite dull (which is normal for a jewish cemetery in my experience). But it was a great light under the shadows of the trees and the atmosphere was very impressive.

I'm sure that there are very few people that know about this cemetery (and there is just a small sign at the entrance that leads you there: If you don't know where to look it will  be difficult to find it) and i'll keep it that way.

However, it is seldom visited by anybody: I've only seen one or two graves with pebbles on them (as it is custom for visitors to put a pebble from home on the Tombstone). Normal jewish graves have plenty of them. It's mainly because even the youngest grave was dated in the early 20th century.

Much text this time. Next time i'll be brief again...

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